Scanning Services  

LSP Corp graphics arts offers drum scanning, slide scanning, microfiche scanning, document scanning, photo scanning.

LSP Corporation utilizes a Howtek Scanmaster Pro 7500 to give you vibrant and accurate color reproduction. The Howtek Drum Scanner is linked to a high powered Macintosh system to output high quality scans at top production speeds. No flatbed scanner can compare!

The result is "A+" quality scans that you can use and utilize in Adobe Photoshop, QuarkXpress, Adobe Pagemaker and many other Mac and Windows applications.

Photos and transparencies can be scanned and incorporated into your design. Once the data has been retrieved into our systems, the picture can be modified or accurately separated into RGB or CMYK process colors. LSP also offers you the choice of saving your scanned data to either a writable CD-ROM, Zip, Jaz or floppy diskette.

Howtek Scanmaster Pro 7500 Drum Scanner


Graphic Arts Services

Data Backup Services
  • CD-ROM
  • Iomega Jaz
  • Iomega Zip
  • Floppy
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