Laser Photoplotting


PCB service bureau : PCB ( printed circuit board) laser photo plotting, film output, negatives photo plots, postscript level 3, artwork photoplotting page.

Our film is plotted in a clean room environment (temperature & humidity controlled) and is carefully inspected before shipping by our experienced technicians.

We plot all our files on Konica PCB-7/ KODAK ACCUMAX (.007" thick) which is currently the best the industry has to offer.

All jobs are shipped same day. Cut off time for received data is 3:00pm PST for plots to ship for next day delivery.

For immediate plotting needs, please email files to us at or call us at 714.848.7568.

PCB Engineering Services

1.       PCB Design & Layout
(from Netlist or Schematic)

2.       Reverse Engineering
(from Single or Multilayer, Bare or Assembled, PCB)

3.       PCB Scanning
(from Film, Mylars, Paper, & even Bare Boards)

4.       Engineering CAD/CAM Tooling

5.       Laser Photoplotting

6.       Flying Probe Netlist Testing

7.       Automatic Optical Inspection

8.       Data Conversion




Data Formats we accept

LSP Corporation utilizes

Film Specs

  • AutoCAD
  • Gerber (basic & extended)
  • HPGL
  • MDA
  • Postscript
  • Call for other formats
  • (2) CSI Fire Series Laser Photoplotters
  • (1) Optrotech Scanner
  • .007" silver halide film media (Fuji PCB-7/Kodak Accumax)
  • (1) @ 1/4 mil resolution
  • (1) @ 1/8 mil resolution


 We Guarantee!

  • Film is imaged in a temperature controlled environment (70F @ 50% humidity)
  • Pre-inspection of incoming data prior to imaging - resulting in time and cost savings
  • Film is preconditioned 5 days prior to usage for stability and accuracy.
  • We evenly size all photoplots for ease of handling and storage
  • Plotter can image large complex data (Up to 200 megabytes per file)
  • All work is Guaranteed 100% or Pay Nothing!



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