Flying Probe Netlist Testing  


LSP Corporation, the newly appointed western regional demonstration site for Integri-Test Corporation, now offers double-sided netlist testing services of high-density circuits to the electronics interconnection industry. The testing equipment in place utilizes Integri-Test’s patented Feather Light Probe which enables accurate electrical measurement on pads of less than 3 mils (.003”) without the usual pad damage and test point spaces as close as 5 mils (.005”) . LSP’s testing services are cost-effective and ideal for complex, high-density prototypes without the extra costs of building a “bed of nails” fixture.

Model 9200DS Flying Probe Testing Equipment Features
  • Fixtureless & gridless
  • Ideal for testing the following technology: hybrid substrates, ohmega layers, multi-chip modules, & any multilayer PCB
  • Simultaneous, double-sided netlist testing (netlist may either be generated from the original CAD design ay be extracted from the gerber data)
  • Capable of testing any bare circuit with pads less than .003” without damage & test point spaces as close as .005”
  • Locates shorts between nets, opens within a net, high resistance leakage between nets, & high resistance segments within a net
  • Circuits are tested using a combination of capacitance & resistance testing methodology
  • Maximum circuit board size (24.0” x 24.0”)
Pricing Structure
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Other Related Services
  • PCB design & layout from schematic or CAD netlist
  • Reverse engineering from bare or assembled PCB (using netlist extracted from bare board)
  • Artwork, paper, mylar, or bare board scanning & digitizing into CAD or Gerber data
  • Data Conversion (AutoCAD, Gerber, HPGL, Postscript, Orbotech, etc.)
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