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As you already know, Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) is the method of choice among PCB manufacturers for inspecting layers of printed circuit boards during production. Utilizing Optrotech Vision 206/206E AOI Systems, LSP now offers automatic optical inspection of your PCB panels by scanning them to detect defects. Moreover, these defects may be marked directly on the panel.

Vision 206/206E Capabilities
The Vision 206/206E inspects the following types of panels, artwork, or phototools for a large number of manufacturing defects
  • Signal layers
  • Power and ground layers
  • Mixed layers
  • Outer layer
PCB Engineering Services
The following defects can be detected In addition, the V206/206E is designed to inspect production-line quantities at the following stages of manufacturing
  • Violations of minimum spacing
  • Pinholes in conductors
  • Copper splashes
  • Added and missing cuts in conductors
  • Added and missing shorts
  • Distortion and inaccurate registration of the panel
  • Clearance, nonfunctional pads, and thermal pad violations in power and ground panels
  • Shorts between power planes and ground planes
  • Spacing width violation between power and ground planes
  • Missing and plugged holes
  • Annular ring width violations or breakout of annular ring
  • Pad violations and deformed pads
  • Bare copper or any other metal-plated inner layers
  • External bare copper layers
  • Tin-lead layers before soldermask (before or after reflow)
  • Silver halide artwork masters
  • Diazo phototools
  • Photoresist on copper
  • Black, red, and brown oxidized copper
  • Double-treated copper

Although our prices may seem unbelievably competitive, this in no way reflects the unparalleled quality and service you will receive from our experienced technicians and engineers.

Our work is backed by our commitment to satisfying your needs. Furthermore, we GUARANTEE that you will be 100% satisfied with our services, or you simply donít pay! LSP will be available to help you in any given situation and we appreciate the opportunity to be of service to your company and look forward to proving ourselves to you.
AOI Services Will Always Provide
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  • Accuracy
  • Unmatched Quality
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