PCB Scanning Services


PCB Engineering Service Bureau : PCB (printed circuit board) film artwork scanning, PCB Gerber file conversion, and PCB digitizing page.  We scan pcb mylars, pcb bare board, paper, mylars, vellum, drawings, blueprints, and related printed circuit board designs for the recovery of PCB Gerber file output and other various PCB CAD Design Data format.

Gerber files conversion of PCB artwork/ mylars into CAD data. With our high accuracy APPLIED LOGIC and Gerber scanners (1/4 mil resolution), we have the capability of scanning and digitizing your original artwork and converting it into 100% perfect Gerber files and PCB CAD quality data (i.e. flashed pads & single line format).

Drill Creation for PCB Fabrication
Guaranteed to match film dead-on without manual bombsighting!

Please fax copy (1 circuitry side from of the pcb board) to us for immediate pricing.  List pcb information as size, layer count, mask, silk, & other pertinent specifications on fax.

PCB Scanners
  • PCB Gerber Scanner (4000 dpi)
  • PCB Artwork (Pre-press : 16,000 dpi) color drum scanners

PCB Data Output Formats
  • Gerber Files 274 (basic & extended)
  • Orbotech
  • Autocad
  • MDA
  • Postscript
  • HPGL
PCB Engineering Services
Sample PCB Scan Gerber File Data
Raw Unedited Gerber File Scan Data
(Move pointer over pcb image to see raw rebuilt data)

Click Here for Enlarged View
of Raw Scan PCB Data
Final Completed Gerber File Conversion
(Move pointer over pcb image to see clean rebuilt data)

Click Here for Enlarged View
of Final Scan PCB Data

Media Formats Accepted
  • Pads Power PCB
  • Allegro
  • AutoCAD
  • HPGL
  • Orbotech
  • ECAM
  • Gerber Data 274x
  • Bitmap-.tif,.eps,.bmp,.jpg,.psd,etc.
  • Vector-Corel,Illustrator,Freehand,etc.
  • Quark,Pagemaker
  • Postscript
  • Corporate Trademarks
  • Call for other formats
Media Types Accepted
  • Bare Board PCB (Single to Multilayers)
  • Film Artwork
  • Vellum
  • Microfilm
  • Glass
  • Mechanicals
  • Drawings
  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Call for other media
We Guarantee!
  • 100% Perfect new Gerber Files and other related PCB Cad data (No Raw Files)
  • Flashed features and single line connections only (No Raw Files)
  • 100% Perfect layer to layer registration
  • 100% Loyalty to the original PCB artwork
  • Finished data is always better than the original scanned source
  • Data will look as if job had been relayed out by PCB Design Software
  • 100% pad and circuit uniformity
  • Data customized to your PCB manufacturing process with ease
  • Our data will not crash your plotter and cad system
  • Standard 3-5 days turnaround - (Same day & 24hr. service available)
  • 15 min. Quotations - (We understand customers are waiting on your reply!)
  • 100% Satisfaction or No Money Out of Your Pocket
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